Month: May 2007

Language Translation and OER

 - by Cathy Casserly

Laurie Racine has generously offered to Hewlett grantees and other OER projects the use of the dotSUB tools for anything related to translation and closed captioning of any video you might need in multiple languages. There is no cost for this.

To fill you in on this you will find a video post from RocketBoom  that talks about the tools as well as a link to the Banker to the Poor video that was done for Ashoka in advance of the Nobel Prize ceremonies (hit the dropdown menu to the right of the video (in the box labeled WATCH) to see what the captioning would look like in other languages. – again hit the dropdown window under WATCH on the right to see the captioning in different languages).

In effect this isn’t only a service, but also another place to syndicate video content – and the video has embed tags similar to YouTube that allows users to run the video on their own sites and blogs. And there is an option to output the captioned video into compressed formats like WMV or Quicktime.

OpenCourseWare Consortium Meeting – Santander, Spain

 - by Cathy Casserly

Sorry for the lull – getting back on track. Writing from the OCW Consortium meeting in Santander and amazed at the number of new groups sitting here with over 100 participants. Universities from Venezuela, Iran, Korea, Vietnam, Cambridge U., Arizona State, Tulane U, Turkey, Finland are all around the table. Seems like the uptake is at a new level and the challenges equally as strong. The clear gap is the dearth of institutions from the developing world. We need the exchange of knowledge in all directions.